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Professional photographer based in Alignan-du-Vent, Yoann Mecorvin is as passionate about the picture as he is about the human dimension of his job. For him, a photographer is above all a trustworthy person who, with humility and kindness, manages to transform a split-second event into an image that will capture the essence of a moment. Yoann Mecorvin enjoys spontaneously and enthusiastically capturing the scenes that unfold in front of his camera lens so that his clients can keep an unforgettable memory of them. 

Photographer of both small and big moments, Yoann Mecorvin will be happy to work with you on a wide variety of projects, from wedding to maternity photography, family portraits or product photos. Each project is distinctly different from the last, giving this photographer the opportunity to reinvent himself every day and to develop his work, his technical skills and his artistic sense.

Packed with emotion, Yoann Mecorvin's photographs aim to capture the essence of his models. This photographer appreciates spontaneous and natural photos which transcribe reality as it presents itself and which communicate all the intensity of a look, smile, gesture or kiss. This emotional dimension makes it possible to capture a person's attention from the very first glance and to let their mind wander deep into the depths of their imagination.

No matter what type of photo you want to take, whether it's a person in the studio, a couple in the street, a family in their garden or a nude person in their bedroom, this photographer will make no difference. All these situations involve different framing and technique, but Yoann Mecorvin treats these models in the same way, with confidence, respect and a good mood. Naturalness is essential in this type of process, but contrary to what one might think, it is the technical skill of the photographer that makes the photo spontaneous. It is through a mutual exchange that Yoann Mecorvin creates this environment of trust, conducive to letting go and overcoming one's own limitations. 

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