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"Going from jewellery to motorbikes and reporting in between is the joy of this profession, in all its diversity.

It's nothing to go back and forth between the subjects to be photographed, but to remain in control of the lighting and framing, that's what makes the photographer's work so interesting. Many years of practice have enabled Bernard Plessy to confront almost every situation and, above all, to solve them, whether it be for reportage, industrial or advertising photos.

From now on, this photographer proposes "Photo-event animations" to extend his offer and his field of action. Bernard Plessy has different stands that allow him to animate all types of events with the only motivation being to offer an animation that will be remembered, so that the event remains unforgettable. Fun activities are always handled with the same professionalism. Whether it's a reportage, industrial or event photos, together you will find a solution to your image.

The event part of the service is divided into three animations, summarised in one sentence: "To make your event unforgettable, choose the animation that will be remembered".


This Photobooth is the ideal partner for any event, from weddings to seminars, product launches or trade shows. This animation easily finds its place at your events as it is known and appreciated by all. The attractiveness of its price, makes its success.

Nomadic Studio

What a surprise when your guests find a complete photo studio, with white background, lighting, umbrellas, light box and above all the possibility to take a portrait or a group photo instantly by retrieving the photo.

Green Background Stand

Whether it is for a wedding, a seminar or an end of year party, the "green background" animation offers you a total change of scenery in a few seconds and without time difference. You choose where to "teleport" your guests, and each photo will take them there.

Event Reporting

No need to praise its merits. Without it, it is impossible to immortalise the moment. Capturing the atmosphere of a moment, the meetings, the hushed discussions and then being there when the party takes an unexpected turn: Julien doing a crazy "Air Guitar", Monique and Mireille who decide to do a choreography, Adrien who arrives made up like a stolen car.

The examples multiply at each event. The only solution is to have a photographer just for this, it is his work that will allow you to say when looking at one of these photos: "Do you remember?


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